Welcome to our website! As your voice in our beloved organization, it is my pleasure to inform you that our team behind this website wants to make sure that we come up with a good channel of information where you can keep yourself abreast with all the happenings at PHASE and elsewhere. 
It is always our intention to, as much as possible, provide you with the necessary information PHASE has to offer and to cover a wider arena in local and international health and safety scene. This is our website. You are guaranteed that its content will be entirely about our Association and matters related to health & safety, setting aside personal issues.
Have the pleasure to look around it.  If you feel that you can contribute to further this and/or if you may have some thoughts to share, it would be then highly appreciated.
Once again, thank you for visiting our website.
Leo Sigua Dote, WSO-CSI(ML), MIIRSM-RSP, DipLM, MInstLM
PHASE President FY 2016
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