Programs for the Community

Health and Safety Lectures

PHASE has been the Filipino Community partner for its Community Health and Safety Seminars. Through this endeavor, a number of OFWs have shifted their career to safety and have achieved progress in terms of finances, knowledge and experienced gained. A number of programs had been conducted by PHASE in partnership with other the Filipino Community.  It is envisioned that this will be institutionalized so that every Filipino will work safely not only in Qatar but elsewhere.

Event Coverage (Health and Safety)

PHASE has been the safety provider for a number of events conducted by the Filipino Community in Qatar. Ranging from the Philippine Independence Day Celebrations to mass gatherings, concerts, school activities among others.  The members of PHASE always ensure that every event is just as safe as it is enjoyed on that particular day. Dynamic safety rounds are conducted at the events venue and every single risk noticed is immediately mitigated to prevent any adverse impact which may affect the event which is normally attended by a huge crowd.

Health and Safety Consultations

As an organization comprised of a conglomerate of experienced professionals, PHASE also serves as adviser or consultant on safety-related matters to other organizations, schools, or the Filipino Community. Safety advices are recommended when sought after to ensure that the health and safety of consulting organizations, groups or individuals at the community are valued and given priority.

Other Endeavors Related to Health and Safety

PHASE interacts with local and international counterparts whose aim is of a common objective which is health and safety of everyone at the workplace and elsewhere. It aims on putting the Filipino Safety Practitioner at par with international standard pedestal. It looks forward to be the organization of choice for progress. PHASE also envisions to be the engineer of making every Filipino Safety Practitioner recognized within Qatar and beyond through the unified Registry of Filipino Safety Practitioners with the support of the the Philippine government agencies.

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