To become a community of Safety Professionals that will uplift the lives of Filipino workers through health & safety advocacy.


To mold Filipinos as world-class leaders in the field of health & safety profession by living with our core values.

Aims and Objectives

 PHASE’s main objective is to promote and become advocates of health and safety to the Filipino Community in Qatar thereby propagating public education in accident prevention and occupational health and safety in industry.  
To achieve this PHASE:
•   Encourages individuals to exercise and promote safety at work, at home and elsewhere.
•   Will work with and participate in the Filipino Community programs by contributing its technical expertise in health and safety.
   Encourages individuals to exercise and promote safety at work, at home and elsewhere.
•   Boosts individuals members to adopt the best practice of health and safety and cooperate with their respective employers help prevent accidents.
•   Counsels interested Filipino individuals in entering the health and safety field to embark on safety training and acquire professional qualifications. 
   Collaborate and exchanges information with local and international safety organization.   

Core Values

Supportive - will always offer valuable support in health & safety.

Trust - believing that building trust among the members of the organization is essential for progress.

Respect - Every idea, belief, culture and religion is respected.

Integrity - We maintain a high stand of integrity through professional demeanor at all times.  

Value of People and Environment - We value every member of the organization and we strive to contribute for a healthier, safer and sustainable environment. 

Excellence - We aim to achieve excellence in health & safety through continuous professional development and perpetual learning.

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