PHASE Outreach Program

21 Feb 2019

The theme of this campaign is "Beach clean-up drive  to save and protect marine life.", which was participated by the officers and members of PHASE and POQ.

PHASE-Qatar Officers Teamwork and Team Bonding

17 Jan 2019




On the 18thof January 2019, PHASE-Qatar Officers has conducted their first Team Building Exercise with the theme of “Breaking Barriers”. It was held in one of the cleanest and well-maintained open parks in Doha Qatar, the Al Bida Park, from 0800 till 1200 noon.


The theme “breaking barriers” goal is to enable the newly set of elected officers to know each other and be comfortable with each other, work as a team and make everyone participate and share their ideas to achieve the team’s goal to win.


Two inspiring and motivating leaders of PHASE, BENJUN BUAT – 2019 President and ROUNELL DEMAISIP – 2019 External VP, initiated the event.


Some highlights of the event are the different set of games and some prepared food. The participants (officers) are divided into two equal groups, team A and team B. Each team needs to come together, discuss things among themselves and work together towards the realization of one common goal.  Goals have to be the same. Every team is formed to achieve a predefined objective and it is the responsibility of each and every member to contribute their level best and accomplish the assigned task within the stipulated time. Team management activity ensures that all team members work together on a common platform for a common purpose.

Realization of the activity:

  • Effective Communication- Communication is vital for achieving successful completion of any future objective of PHASE, it also provides one understanding so no one was left behind.

  • Time management- Teams are given realistic deadlines: Achieving goals on a timely manner is important as well as prioritizing what is critical and essential.

  • Team effort and commitment - Each team member participates actively and positively in meeting the targeted goals. This shows a person’s commitment as well as understanding towards team development. Individual members have thought about creative solutions to the team’s problem. Thinking outside the box is very vital in any situation.

  • Listening skills- Members paid attention as well as given a thoughtful feedback. Listening is an important skill for each team. The thoughts and ideas of each team member have to be listened to, with respect, no matter how silly they may sound at first.

  • Support and trust- Everyone has to be supportive and each team member must trust the judgment of others: Mutual trust and respect is highly important for the team. 

PHASE-Qatar celebrates World Safety Day

26 Apr 2018

IIRSM and PHASE-Qatar celebrated International Labor Organization's World Safety Day through a Summit with the theme "OS&H Vulnerability of Young Workers".

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General Monthly Meeting and CSEP

04 October 2019

UAQ  Safety & Training Consultancy 

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