Code of Conduct

All members of PHASE-Qatar is responsible for promoting safety, professionalism and well-being of everyone at the workplace and beyond by:

     •  Association Members must be responsible for their proficient determinations to live by the PHASE Slogan,            “PHASE for Progress”


     •  ​Encouraging members to ‘have a say’ on safety issues that are important to them.


     •  ​Responding quickly, fairly and transparently to any serious complaints made by a member on issues related           to the administration of the Association.

     •  ​Reporting any suspected misrepresentation and jeopardizing the Association to any of the Elected Officers             and/or Advisers  as soon as practicable.

     •  ​Listening and responding appropriately to the views and concerns of others within the association.

     •  ​Setting clear boundaries about appropriate safety behavior between yourself and those we are associated.

     •  Remembering to be a positive role model in health and safety to everyone at the workplace and the

        community in all our conduct with them.

     •  ​Treating everyone with respect and honesty irrespective of sex, religious, employment status and personal

        life creed.

     •  ​Adhering to this association’s Constitution and By-Laws at all times and taking all reasonable steps

        to ensure its integrity.

All members of PHASE must not engage in:

     •  Propagating internal politics, religion, business-related matters that would engage in conflict with the

        principle of the Association.

     •  Developing any ‘special’ relationships with individuals and/or business entities outside of the Association

        that could require and request s favoritism or special treatment.

     •  Doing things of personal nature that will merit personal credit and that could oppose the perpetuation of

        the concept of teamwork inside the Association.

     •  Discriminating against any individual or member because of age, gender, cultural background, religion,  

        vulnerability or sexuality or social status.

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