PHASE-Qatar Membership

All Filipino safety enthusiasts in Qatar with a valid Qatar visa can become a member of PHASE.  Acceptance of new applicants is scheduled every first Friday of the month at Governor West Bay Suites & Residences, Doha Qatar (any change in venue shall be announced).  Apllicants will be issued a corresponding unique identification number.
To become a Bonafide Member, an Applicant Member need to be inducted which is happening quarterly.  In any case an Applicant Member had not been inducted within six (6) months, his application will be forfeited. 
Once inducted, a unique PHASE identification number shall be issued to the Member replacing the previously issued Applicant Member number.
PHASE Membership is renewable annually.

Membership Application

Steps to become a PHASE Member

  1.  Download the Application Form and Code of Conduct.

  2.  Fill in the form clearly.  Make sure all the information asked is provided.

  3.  Bring it with you at the venue of PHASE General Monthly Meeting.

  4.  Submit Application Form and Code of Conduct to the Membership Acceptance Desk.

  5.  Wait for the processing and approval.

  6.  Pay membership application fee.  You will be given a claim stub which you need to present during:        

       a) induction; b) claiming of membership ID.

  7.  Make sure a picture of you had been taken for the database.

  8.  Wait for the next induction schedule.  Once inducted, process of application to become a bona fide member

       of the association is complete and you will receive your member ID and certificate.

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